Located in busy Marrickville in Sydney's Inner West,  this site is the home  of EB handmade amplifiers and speaker cabinets. 

Jan 2019:I have just received a second shipment of Jensen guitar speakers .P12N, P10RF, P10R, P10Q, plenty in stock.
have had quite a few orders for straight front bottom quad boxes.
This one is particularly striking in black and white snake skin with black grill. It will be loaded with Celestion 75 and 65 Creambacks
Dec 2017. Eminence have released some great new guitar speaker models.
I have in stock the Legend EM12. Super clear tone from a cast aluminium speaker frame and no compromise cone with rich clear harmonics.  Pete Anderson Signatures series HempDog 12 
Hemp Cone Guitar Speaker 150W 8 Ohm.
 The Eminence HempDog 12 guitar speaker delivers a warm, neutral tone designed to cover all genres of music. With a cast aluminum frame and 102 dB efficiency, this is one heavy-duty driver capable of extreme output levels. Swamp Thang. 12" guitar speaker gives you classic American tone with a big bottom end.
The 150WSwamp Thang has a powerful, chunky tone to it that's perfect for blues,rock, and jazz. So put one of the world's most-played speakers in your guitar amplifier 
Nov 2017. Celestion have got it just right with their Creamback Neo speakers. Classic Celestion tone in a very balanced speaker.If your cab is too heavy one, two or four of these will sort you out.
You still get the low end punch, warm, vocal midrange and sweet refined highs the Creamback is famous for: push it hard and enjoy the ‘race-car growl’ that sets pulses racing. But pick up a cab that’s loaded with Neo Creambacks and you’ll see what makes this speaker truly different.

02 Nov 2017. EB Fullerton 35 with matching 1 x 12" cab in varnished tweed loaded with an Eminence Cannabis Rex.   If you love early Fender Bassman tones you'll enjoy playing a rig like this.

June 2019  I thought I would let you know about a favourite 10" Jensen speaker of mine. The Falcon C10/40 is an amazing replacement speaker that will smooth over a  bright amp for not too much money. Warm in the mids, firm bass and cool highs make this speaker a go to for me when customers complain that their amp is toooo! sharp. 

Dec 2018: Eminence guitar speakers that arrived this week. Texas Heat 4, 8 and 16 ohm. Ragin Cajun, Cannibis Rex 10" Legend GAsc64.

Don't forget to ask for any custom mods you want for your guitar cabinet. I offer open, closed, retro and convertible backs for all the cabinet models. There are plenty of colours for the tolex and grill cloth.  Extra feet on the 2 x 12" cabinets allow you to use them in the vertical configuration for better sound dispersion. Wheels can be helpful in some situations.

Jensen have released a range of Neo guitar speakers called Stealth.                                                       There are three models 65, 80 and 100 watts. Each has different characteristics but they could all be used as replacements in any of the heavier Fender or other US amps.